List of recent Online Prestige Casino Winners

Below are a few of our recent big winners. They have hit it big playing some of the classic casino games such as; Slots, Blackjack, and Roulette. They are winners, and you can be too.

Name VIP Level Date Game name Winnings Username
Derek O. Steel Oct-24 - Oct-26 Blackjack $24,863.20 PRR05**92
Kim N. J. Platinum Oct-22 and Oct-28 Blackjack $19,875.00 knjensen
Bernd S. Copper 29-Oct Roulette $10,602.00 PRR51**72
Jan V. Copper Oct 1-10th Roulette $7,589.00 PRR05**12
Lydia V. Steel 18-Oct Mega Ball $5,260.00 PRR04**42
Ejnar P. VIP Club Oct-5, Oct-8, and Oct-9 Roulette Pro $5,109 PRR04**72
Hanne K. Platinum Oct-23 and Oct-25 Diamond Valley $1 $4,988.20 tsens
Christian S. Bronze 31-Oct Aces And Faces 4 Line $4,575.00 PRR05**42
Debra H. Steel 5-Oct Mega Ball $4,528.00 PRR04**42
Michael M. Steel Oct-13 - Oct 24 Blackjack $3,875.00 PRR05**12

Interview with Hanne of Denmark,
Online Prestige Casino's $243,437.11 Wall St. Fever Jackpot Winner!
How does it feel to be a WINNER?
We have played in Online Prestige Casino for about one year. We have tried a lot of casinos, but found Online Prestige Casino as the best and most serious about bonus, wage and “live” persons behind your computer. We always play slots – and that evening the time was about “mid-night” Danish time. We (my husband and I) were playing Wall-Street with a very big jackpot. We have just said that we could never win the jackpot – it is only made for people to play more and more. I turned the computer off, but my husband turned it on again and said: Only 10 minutes and a glass of water. He went to the kitchen, and then: 5 wall-street bars in the button line. I shouted for my husband – he did not believe his own eyes: $243.000 – or almost one and a half million Danish Kroner. Wonderful – a special feeling. We did not get much sleep that night!

Which Game is your favorite?
All progressive slots machines (and Captains Treasure)
What do you plan to do with your winnings?
I think we will renovate our garden and kitchen. Our 2 grown up children shall have a little money, and maybe we will take a little vacation to somewhere place we have never been before
What advice do you have for other Online Prestige Casino’s Customers?
Be patient – some day it will come – you can really do it
What do you think of Online Prestige Casino?
Very kind support representatives. You can just call – do not think about your English – they understand everything, and are very, very polite, kind and sweet persons.