Fair Gaming

Fair gaming at Online Prestige Casino

Online Prestige Casino has the know-how to create a fair gaming environment for its customers. This may be because we have a daily hands-on attitude. We have an extensive background on this subject matter.

Online Prestige Casino functions under the license approved by the gaming commission of Kahnawake, and our Gaming Law. Online Prestige Casino is professional, which is the reason for fair gaming. This secure environment allows for a winning experience.

The "Dealer" is powered by a hi-tech computer. To guarantee high performance of computer play everything is truly random. This randomness comes from a state of the art RNG (Random Number Generator).

The RNG has been tested by leading international accounting and auditing firms. This is done primarily through our Online Prestige Casino software. We are able to do this by running millions of games, and analyzing the outcomes. It is always being tested to assure accuracy.

Also at Online Prestige Casino we average out the payout percentage. We do this by taking the percentage of total winnings to total wagered amounts, post it online, and reviewed it each month. We at Prestige do that to ensure randomness and fairness.

In addition, we have added built-in games and financial gaming logs for checking up to date gaming results. History and detailed information is at the touch of button so that this information is always near  you. Here at Prestige Casino we will give you game, bet, and win history.

We at Online Prestige Casino are fair, and we have various methods to create that and protect that. At Prestige all is clear, and safe for you. Come in and have a good time,  you will get the best gaming care around.